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Looking for T-shirts in Knoxville?

Printing custom T-shirts in Knoxville for over 40 years

Bob Riehl screenprinting t-shirts
Borderland is a social enterprise in South Knoxville. We fund our community ministry by our work instead of asking for donations. We have been in the screen-printing business for over 40 years, screen-printing t-shirts and other apparel.
We serve many local businesses, community groups, churches, non-profits, and sports teams.

     Our prices are low because we do not have the overhead of a retail storefront. We are usually here during regular business hours and you are welcome to stop by. But because we are sometimes on a delivery or out of the shop, it is a good idea to make an appointment. This works best especially if you want to design a shirt and get everything done in one visit. Just call Bob at 865-414-7163 or Jenny at 865-363-4302.